Station Comprises Three Units of the following-

Engine: WARTSILA Model 20V34SG – 20 Cylinder Vee formation Turbocharged and Charge cooled Gas Engine. Running at 750 RPM producing 9000 KWb. Directly coupled through a highly flexible coupling to:

Alternator: ABB Model AMG 1120MM08DSE double bearing alternator producing 10,913 KVA, 11000 Volts, 573 Amps, 0.8 Power Factor. Excitation Volts 70, Excitation Amps 9.6 Class F insulation IP 23 50 Hz, Ambient Temp 50 Deg C.

Mounting: Engine, Alternator and flexible coupling all mounted on common fabricated steel skid base with suispan style=’display:block’ antivibration mounts.

Cooling: By Closed Circuit Radiators complete with electric motor driven Fans.

Accessories: A full Suite of computerised control and electrical switchgear along with plant monitoring equipment.

The station is fitted with Exhaust Gas Heat Recovery Boilers capable of producing steam at 18 Bar.

General Observations: The Station was constructed and commissioned in 2010 and only ran on a standby basis and as such the engines have recorded between 9,000 to 10,000 running hours maximum from new. The station can be supplied complete with the original structural steel building if required so that only the weather proofing cladding would be needed to be renewed.

The plant is considered to be in excellent condition all maintenance so far has been undertaken under Wartsila engineer’s supervision.