HS Marine AT13 LHE1 telescopic crane SOLD

For sale HS Marine AT13 LHE1 telescopic crane is available and comes supplied with the following:
– YOM 2012 (serviced annually and well maintained throughout its life) full manuals certs etc avail.
– 360deg slewing range complete with slew bearing and a single slew motor (not continuous)
– A single extension boom out to a max 5.51m
– Hook load 1850kG @ 5.51m
– Winch Load 1700kG @ 5.19m
– Hydraulic winch with 25m of SWR
– Remote control stand complete with protection cover including pressure gauge and supplied with approx. 1.5m of hoses to allow remote
positioning to the crane
– Pedestal upstand included as per the photo with access hole for the hoses to run through